August 15th, 2008

labyrinth ring


it's been an oddly up and down week.  pleasant monday with my family for dinner; band practice and a long visit with a dear friend on tuesday; my first trip to walmart on wednesday; again with the family and most delicious eggplant parmesean done on the grill (!) for thursday dinner; and today the vague possibility of seeing mos def at the rose garden.  all of this under or overlaid with super-hot temperatures and stupid work stuff in which my boss is lame and yucky students who i've dreamt about and netflix having some sort of delivery snafu so i'm still waiting for the second half of the second seaon of hustle.   this has all has combined to ruin my mood.  i nearly called in sick today.

come on, weekend!!! 
labyrinth ring

stunning "skins" series 2 opener

no spoilers at all. just brilliance.

as always, coming a bit late to the party (the digger party if you will) but oh yeah. hook, line, and sinker, baby. this show is more crack-like than gossip girl and we know how that'll get you. with kids you think you might even actually know. seriously, if you haven't seen it, take a look.