August 27th, 2008

labyrinth ring

did someone say tony hill?

i was feeling all sad that i've watched all there is to watch from hustle and wire in the blood (oh series 6 soon soon please oh please oh tv gods) which are my current two biggest absolute hugest fangirlyness in the whole wide world shows (like you didn't know) and what should appear in my mailbox this afternoon (no it's not 8 tiny reindeer!) but the wire in the blood: prayer of the bone movie.  i believe it's set in texas--poor robson to have wear his duffle coat in hot, dusty texas.  but tony hill is so asperger-y i can't imagine he'd be without it even if he were in the sahara.  i think it's rather odd that it's considered a movie since all the eps are about 90 minutes long anyway and this one is as well.  but i suppose since it's in the u.s. and not bradfield they had to do something different.   anyway.  whatever it is i'm just happy to have more tony hill to watch.  and tony hill in the states with all his funny little habits?  oh i think it'll be delightful.  wonder if he'll have a piggly wiggly shopping bag to tote around.....

eta:  well it's not as great when tony doesn't have his carol or his alex to play against although there are a couple of wonderful scenes with him in his undies talking to alex's voicemail.  the phone bill! *winces* and oh the dream of him in the pool?  *fans self* and his tics definitely gave him a run for his money--in fact, he was a bit buffoonish and the story was only so-so.  but oh who am i kidding?  what do i care?  it was robson green.  it was tony hill.  it was drenched in big, oversaturated color so his eyes went POP!  i loved it.   and i only wish there were more of it........

and now i have i, claudius.  yes, the masterpiece theater series that your parents, well, my parents watched when we were kids.  but i'm not sure after a diet of wire in the blood, hustle, middleman, and mad men i can do it.  it's not sexy enough even with the nearly naked dancing girls.  and i seem to be all about the sessy as joss would say. 
labyrinth ring

*taps fingers*

you know the old adage, a watched pot never boils?  well, while waiting for the last 4 minutes of my middleman dl, all i can do is spam with impatience.  good christ, internet!  go faster!!!!!!