October 3rd, 2008

labyrinth ring


ok so i have a facebook page.  who doesn't?  but i could care less about it, never use it, never send those horrible little "you must add our application in order to send this cute little kitty or some karma or a bite or a fucking patch of green cybershit".  ok breathe, j, breathe.   but all of a sudden i'm getting facebook friend requests.  i'm counting 9 in the last 24 hours!  it's kinda freaky and disturbing.  it is all college-connected but there seems to be a concerted effort by a pile of scrippsies to find each other.  after nearly 20 years, i kinda think, well shit do we really need to have this super-superficial contact with each other?   whatevs.  i added them all.

in other news, i spent some happy time going through the files of icons i've collected over the past several years and adding a few to my profile because someone bought me a paid account!!  i know i mentioned it before but it's such a luxurious delight to be able to pick and choose and still have room to add that i just had to mention it again.  thank you so much kind anonymous person who was so thoughtful and sweet.  and so just because i can--eddie izzard gip!!!!

eta: and oh yeah.  tomorrow may be the last day you can register depending on where you live, so if you haven't, remember the future of our freedom (the real stuff not the shit that mccain says he supports which i think is only freedom for really, really rich people) depends on you.  go take care of business!