October 9th, 2008

labyrinth ring

freaky deakies need love too.

oh i am deep in 30 rock love right now.  deep.  i've watched all of season 2 today and am re-watching season 1 after realizing that i somehow missed the second half of the season.  oh it is so so so good.  just damn good.  i cannot wait for october 30 when it comes back.  oh this show.  plus the fic for it is terrific!!!  really great writers are in there jennyo  and michellek and regalish  and dollsome .  it's just a great bunch.  after being wrapped up in a few fandoms (hustle, wire in the blood, himym, hotel babylon) with a derth of writers (though some very good ones),  i love landing in a fandom where the fic is flowing like donaghy estates but tasting so much better.  and on that lovely simile i bid you good night.
labyrinth ring

meat is the new bread!

oh, tracy jordan, your wacky insanity makes me so happy.

band practice was super fun tonight although i was not in great form.  we're finally all pretty comfortable with each other and there's more laughter and silliness.  so even though i messed up oodles of times, so did everyone else and much hilarity ensued. 

i had extra time with enzo today. we went to the mall so i could return some jeans and we had a snack in the food court.  he's just such a charming child.  after our muffin and croissant snack, we rode the escalator and the elevator.   it all sounds pretty prosaic but there's a little bit of enchantment when we spend time together.  and then on the drive home, he told me that he was a pilot in an airplane and i was a pilot too.  and we were taking mama and daddy and brother baby luca to visit grandma and pop pop in new york.  i love my bubbie.

terry gross talked to ronnee schrieber today on fresh air and it was fascinating.  basically, they discussed how the conservative right is co-opting the language of the feminist left to confuse and obfuscate and swing women to the right.    grrrrrrrr.  make november come soon please.  and make sarah palin disappear back into the wilds of alaska. 

it's all of a sudden nearly winter here.  it was only 48 degrees today and raining and everyone's turning on the heat.  i need to buy a new winter coat. 

only 3 more days til i go back to work.  it's a fast one, these 2 weeks of fall break.  but the next term goes by pretty quickly with all the holidays during november. 

if you were fasting today, i hope it was easy on you.