October 18th, 2008

labyrinth ring

what a beauteous day!

i have mozart's grand mass in c minor on the stereo, a cup of delicious chai to drink, candles cheering the room up, and crepes for lunch.  perhaps a bit of gardening before i go pick up enzo for a little nephew time. 

life is sweet.

oh, and also neil gaiman likes the middlemanlet me show you it!
labyrinth ring

this made me snort out loud

my students do an advisory class with me here at lj (you can check it out at dotcentennial ), and a few days ago, i asked kids to tell me who gave them the best gift they'd ever gotten.  here's one of my student's responses cut and pasted: 

my very best gift I have ever gotten is life and the people who gave me that gift are jesus and my birth mother and my fly pen from my birth dad.

jesus sure gets around.  sometimes my job's all right.