November 2nd, 2008

labyrinth ring

weekend update

friday: i went to see enzo dressed up as the airplane josh designed for him.  "julia, i'm in a cockpit!" he says proudly as i come in the door.  god, the child is beyond beautiful.  he's got his "choo choo conductor pants" on--you know, osh kosh pin-striped overalls--under the airplane looking like the happiest child on the planet.  i'll post a shot of him in costume as soon as i can.

saturday: METALLICA!!!!!  i shit you not.  in the sky box at the rose garden.  we had free food and drink.  doood.  i could give a shit about metaliica but holy smokes it was fun and FREE!  and i got to hang out with my band which was great.  they are super cool guys.  and we never get to socialize outside of practice so it was a little more special.

sunday: we recorded 4 songs in about 4 hours tonight and they sound really good.  i'm so excited.  i can't wait to get them back from the sweet engineer who graciously did it for free 'cause he's britton's friend.  then it's a myspace page, well, first it's a name.  we're still working on that!  and then a myspace page and then some gigs!  i'm nervous and super-excited too.  but i'm so proud of my band.  they rock!  we rock!   once we get the tracks back from ryan, i'll post one or two here so those of you who care can give a listen. 

i had a great sleep in today.  i love the night that daylight saving's time ends.  apparently, i heard it on npr so it must be true,  there is some big reduction in the number of heart attacks on the monday following the fall back and they posit that it's because people have had more sleep.  the reverse is true for spring ahead when apparently the number rises the monday following.  go figure.  we all need more sleep.  and fewer heart attacks.

in fandom news, i've also watched and fallen in love with life.  great cop show with a zen foundation that i hope gets brought back into this second season.  but damien lewis is a treasure and i kinda love him.  plus alan arkin!  oh i've had a thing for him since northern exposure.  so it's great to see him again.   gave merlin a bit of a whirl but i'm not sure if i can do it.  even with anthony head in it.   was totally thrown by gossip girl.  Collapse )