November 7th, 2008

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FREE CELEBRATORY OBAMA STICKER BY SHEPARD FAIREY (who designed the iconic obama poster).  EVEN THE SHIPPING'S FREE!!!  (and the counter of how many stickers they're giving away is really cool too). 

hey!  did any of you get to see his first press conference?  short but sweet.  pretty nicely done though i did catch some serious pol-speak around the possiblity he's going to raise taxes on the upper middle class.  and he was adorable (amazing to have a president-elect be adorable) when he was talking about the first dog and referring to himself as a mutt just a like a shelter dog.  he's such a mensch!

labyrinth ring

tag question

ok smart flist.  when i first started this journal, it had a lovely habit of automatically completing a tag for me if it was one i'd used before.  at some point in the recent past, it stopped doing this.  so now i have to remember what my tags are in order for them to actually be of any use!  does anyone know why they stopped auto-completing and/or how i could turn it back on (and i have queried the lj faqs page re: tags)?  the odd thing is that i don't have this problem with the advisory class i run on lj, dotcentennial .  that does it just fine.......and on the same computer.  curiouser and curiouser.......

my god, i'm exhausted.  did i tell you i went to see ray lamontaigne (overdramatic meh) on wednesday night?  for free?  it was the second free concert of the week.  (oh and i found a conveyor belt sushi spot that does a happy hour where all the plates are $1.50!  every one!)  but that combined with the election, fall back (didn't sleep sunday night after sleeping so late sunday morning), and band practice made for a "running on fumes" kind of week.  so i'm for bed.  

good night, sweet flist.
labyrinth ring

gip plus explanation

one final note and then i'm really going to bed.  i've been kinda thinking about my userpic and going back to the fabulous one that jackshoegazer made for me.  but i realized it feels really important to keep my obama icon going.  and then i realized i wanted something bigger.  because i have a sense of pride and excitement about this country i've never in my entire life felt before.  and i'd like to celebrate that.  so here it is.  by omgangiepants , my new, all-inclusive "united states for obama" icon.