November 12th, 2008

labyrinth ring

things to view and ponder

here are a couple of things i've been wanting to post.  i'm still feeling the upswell of hope and potential and am not wanting to let it fade.

some extraordinary photos of the campaign trail leading up to election night.  prepare to sniffle. 

an almost letter from archbishop desmond tutu to the usa and barack obama.  the world is watching.

i keep wondering what my mother would be thinking and feeling right now.  this morning, driving into work, i was listening to the news and hearing about the economic crisis we're so embroiled in and had a brief conversation with her.  i think.  what's funny is that i almost immediately began to feel her fear of what might come and felt myself having to talk her out of the worry by reminding her that a new day is dawning and things will change.  i guess i was just reminding myself too.