November 14th, 2008

labyrinth ring


i know i'm not stating anything new but SWEETS IS SUCH A FANGURL!!!!!!!  he loves booth and brennan.  he does.  they are his otp.  he thinks they should be together forever and make cute little babies with little filanges and he'll come over and psychoanalyze them too. 

yeah, if you were wondering, i'm just catching up on this season.  and it's all right.  i was thrown by the first ep which i think was pretty bad but the subsequent ones get back in the swing of the old bones i love.  i love how sensitive and kinda prudish booth is and how he shies away when brennan talks anthropologically/dirty/sexy at him.  he's such a good catholic boy. 

i've just baked a cornbread pudding for a chili party i'm going to tomorrow and my whole little apartment smells delicious.