November 25th, 2008

labyrinth ring

oh holidays, why do you do this?

this week is insanely busy. up until thursday when, if i've finished all the cooking and errands i'm supposed to do, i will relax with my family and eat way, way too much. but the time since sunday until wednesday when i collapse into bed is nuts. last night, i picked up the boys at school (which takes nearly an hour!) and then we all had dinner together (friends of the fam are in town for the holiday) and then i ran over to meet my friend, john, for a not-beer and football (yes, i saw the game and it was very exciting--the saints were marchin' in, i tell you). then home to discover that i have a sore throat which means the week will be just that much more special. bed by 11 then up this morning with more sore throat and little itchy sniffles. busy day. since last week when my little online program actually made the entire front page of the gresham outlook (toot toot <-- my own horn), i've had 6 new kids show up to enroll with me. so. yeah. busy. today after work i have to go to simon golub to purchase more silver findings for the sale happening next weekend. then grocery shopping. then cooking. i very intelligently committed to bringing wednesday staff meeting breakfast tomorrow. ugh. then more cooking after work. then dinner! then rest and giving into the cold i'm brewing. i'm not panicking. i'm not panicking. i'm not panicking. this will be my mantra. i will get through the next 48 hours with grace and aplomb. i will not yell at students. i will not yell at fellow drivers. i will not yell at non-compliant pastry dough. i will be sweetness and light even as the forces of the universe conspire against me. i will.