December 9th, 2008

labyrinth ring

it is december

somehow i haven't posted since thanksgiving. i've been around though reading journals and thinking about all of you in your various happinesses and sadnesses. it is amazing to watch it all and feel for you. you are resilient folk and i admire you all.

and then there was this. pride and prejudice as told by facebook. read it. it is adorable.  and it will make you smile.  unless you can't stand austen and then  you should stay far far away from it.

hmmm what about me, you ask?  well, my fabulous shoes arrived (see icon).  boy, a 4" heel is tall!   i have watched much tv (and bought a new one to be delivered on december 21--40" of flat panel awesome).  i've been re-reading mary doria russell's the sparrow--an incredible book.  i went to the movies--bolt in 3d is worth your money.  actually anything in 3dd is probably worth your money at this point.  the technology is incredible and coraline looks amazing!  i have done much xmas/hanukah shopping.  i started my performance coaching sessions--can i just say, awesome squared?  yep it's that.  i've become very busy at work--enrollment's nearly doubled in the last 2 weeks.  i got a haircut--it's a lil lopsided but with curls and product, who cares?  i'm looking forward to my winter break which starts december 19th and goes for 3 marvelous, luxurious weeks.  oh year-round school, you have your moments.  i ate sushi for lunch yesterday and dinner today.   what can i tell you?  i'm happy and life is good. 

and the nephews (cause i gotta say) continue to amaze and astound me in their gorgeousity and sparkliness.  enzo makes me speechless.  in fact, i think he's stealing mine to grow his!  everyday he blows me away at least once with something he says (even if it's just 'excuse me, julia' when he wants to interrupt). and luca has the most beautiful smile and apple cheeks of any baby who ever smiled and cheeked and he just started eating solid food and loving it. and he can sit up pretty well all by himself.  oh i love those boys.

so have a marvelous wednesday, y'all.  stay safe in the inclement weather if it's coming your way.