December 19th, 2008

labyrinth ring

christmas time is near........

yippee!  three snow days this week with the final one falling today, our last day of the quarter.  so a lovely morning spent sleeping in, making a leisurely breakfast complete with cup o' tea, and reading mary doria russell's children of god, the sequel to the sparrow (two amazingly, deliciously good books), with stella curled up on my lap, watching as the snow lazily drifts down then stops then starts up again.  now i'm off to brave our inclement weather and go to band practice!  what a nice way to begin a three-week vacation.  

i know i've been a terrible lj'er but the last few weeks of the quarter are always like this.  too much to do and not quite enough time.  and then feeling flat out when the weekend rolls around.  but!  things are looking up!  vacation always promises more time for lolling about reading my flist and actually participating in this community.  and i owe myself a post about the nephews as well.  time flies too fast.

hugs to you all,