December 22nd, 2008

labyrinth ring

flash gordon 1980

i guess when i was 12, this movie was pretty fucking cool.  i mean it was all sparkly and kinda sexy and full of romance and adventure and there was queen.  but i just re-watched it tonight and, oh, you know?  it's true what they say.  sometimes, you can't go home again. 

ah well. 

i did manage to make it out of the house tonight.  derek came and picked me up and took me to dinner at a friend's.  it took me 10 minutes to break a path through the snow and ice barricading me in at my gate, but it was well worth the effort and gave me a good laugh.   well, you try using a wrought iron decorative candleholder as a snow shovel!   the city is quiet and so beautiful under its coating of ice and snow.  and the christmas lights are gorgeous!  something about a wintery night that makes those lights sparkle even brighter. 

but chains or snow tires mean i'm pretty well stuck up here unless someone comes to me.  and i might begin to get a bit stir crazy.  perhaps it will be a good chance for me to continue to practice walking in my new shoes....those 4" heels are a killer!  and i want to wear them on stage. 

speaking of which, we finally agreed on a band name!   so we're "solid state" and i'm pretty happy with it.  i snuck over to myspace (blerg) and signed us up with that name so just in case some other fledging group decides that's the name they want, we'll already have it!  oh you guys.  i can't tell you how glad i am to have that decided.  60 names at least i brought to them (some of them your very excellent suggestions) and every one was shot down...until now!   so now we just need to get the demo in working order and we can start looking for gigs.  i'm very pleased. 

uh.  it's 2:14 in the morning and stella is telling me enough's enough.  so i'm for bed.  nightie night!

eta: how could i forget?!   to the jew crew on my flist: happy cha cha chanukah!   hope your latkes were delicious and you won at dreidel!