December 27th, 2008

labyrinth ring

christmas 2008


josh braved the snow and ice and came and picked me up on tuesday, and i just got home today.  spent the whole week celebrating and vegetating with my beautiful family.  had a gorgeous holiday watching the snow come and go.  ate like kings!  i got some wonderful presents--chief among them theater tickets for 4 different performances!  i get to choose the plays and i get 2 tickets per show so i can take a friend.  i gave some pretty good ones too.  enzo and luca scored from their aunt julia as did josh and jenn.  and the very best present of all was that enzo laid down on top of me and told me he loves me so much.  first time.  oh that boy.  he makes the sun shine.

i hope all of your holidays were marvelous and cheery.   anybody got any good new year's plans?

oh bertie456  happy birthday tomorrow, you awesome brit you!!!  hope your crimbo was sensational too!