December 29th, 2008

labyrinth ring

dr. horrible's sing-along blog, etc.

oh my heart.  you guys.  i just got the dvd in the mail and have spent the last couple of hours watching and listening to everything and it's so marvelous.  commentary the musical is fabulous and all the featurettes and the cast commentary--it's almost everything you want it to be except neil patrick harris isn't actually sitting in your living room in person telling you how hard it was to lip sync the songs (sue me, that would make life perfect).  but, oh, it's so good.  and funny and sad and evil.  just like joss. 

also i went to see the curious case of benjamin button.  good god, that's a long movie, and honestly, save your money.  yes, cate blanchette is beyond gorgeous as is brad pitt.  but we knew that already.  and yes, cgi and aging makeup have come a long way, but we knew that already too.  aside from that, the story is long, rambly, and ultimately sort of stupid.  and i can get all the platitudes and words of wisdom i need from forrest gump and hallmark cards, thank you very much.   i give it the old "whatevs".  ymmv of course.

yesterday, i bought my next computer a 13" macbook with extra harddrive and a time machine for backuping.  i'm so excited.  i also treated myself to a 120 gig ipod and the adapter for car use.  i can hardly wait.  for these and other marvelous things in the offing, i have to thank my dearly departed grandma anne.   her generosity in life and in death have made many opportunities happen for me, and i'm truly grateful.  

and i still have nearly 2 weeks left of winter break, the snow's melted so i'm not stuck in my very nice but small apartment, and i have healthy teeth.  so go team me!