December 31st, 2008

labyrinth ring

er. happy new year?

well, i'd love to be profound but my head is profoundly stuffed up!  yes, nothing says happy new year like a fresh head cold!  however, i still feel the urge to wish you all a most excellent evening and a very happy, healthy, and wish-fulfilling new year.   have fun and be safe out there!
lots of love,
labyrinth ring

perverse and often baffling.

i love malcolm gladwell. read his books if you wanna know why.  and also listen to his bit on this american life about how he became a journalist.  c'est si amusant. 

also even though my love and hope for all good things from the president-elect has not waned, i wanted to have my fabulous shoe icon back.  it's a new year.  and obama will get by on other things than my default icon. 

and oh yes, i had the most intense new year's celebration.  i ran to ikea and bought a set of bookshelves!  yes i did!  and then i put them together!  yes.  it's true.  all by myself.  which if you know ikea, is actually rather a feat.  and then i transferred all the books and stuff from the old shelves to the new ones.  how can one person do so much you ask?  the mind boggles . i also assembled a lamp.  i know!  a whole lamp.  and touched up the paint in my bathroom.  and cleaned out the cupboard under the kitchen sink.   and all before midnight.  without a fairy godmother.  i don't know either.  it must be the head cold. 

now i'm going to do something really frivolous like get into bed and read!  i know, i know.  i live on the edge.  watch me as i run with scissors and drink milk from the carton*. 

good night and have a pleasant  2009.**

*yes, i stole from seinfeld.  there are no new ideas. 
**mm hmm and chevy chase too.  sue me.