February 21st, 2009

labyrinth ring

mukada, huang, tomayto, tomahto

 so there are a couple of you who will appreciate this.  the opening scene in execution when stabler and huang are questioning brodus in his cell?  the first lines are: "how do you remember your first time?"  and you hear huang say: "fondly."  and then stabler answers the question with the same: "fondly."  and i was totally confused because huh?  mukada's a priest and a virgin, right?  how could he remember his first time?  and then i realized i was watching svu but thinking i was watching oz!  i mean keller er meloni, er stabler!  and a jail cell.  and mukada i mean huang....and it all came clear to me.  it's freakin' confusing sometimes to have all these crossover oz guest stars on svu, dammit!  i mean i know huang isn't a guest star but criminy.  give a girl break, ok?   i think that's what they call cognitive dissonance....and it's only getting worse.