March 13th, 2009

labyrinth ring

can i get a spring break whoop whoop?

hell yeah!

yes today is the final day of the quarter and the sky is blue (ish) outside.  my report cards are largely done and sitting with the secretary.  i have to calculate my mileage for reimbursement and then i am outta here! 

so some of you know this and some of you don't but here's the big reveal:  i am leaving on tuesday march 17 for puerta vallarta where, on march 18th, i will have gastric bypass surgery.  now don't freak out.  i've researched a ton and found a great doctor with a good rep and good numbers on, you know, morbidity rates and pos-surgical complications and things like that.  the hospital looks great--i've seen pictures and everything is going swimmingly in preparation for the trip.  but i wanted to let you know so you can all send me those good thoughts and energies and yes, even prayers (cause i know some of you do that and have a really good in with the ptb's).  i'll be in the hospital the night of the 18 and 19 and then in a hotel with wifi(!) til march 26.  then i'm going with my cousin, who's traveling with me, back to her home in southern california where i'll spend another week recouperating and hanging out with absolute_tash and maybe wovenindelibly  (what what?).  back in portland on april 2!    so i'll definitely try to keep you updated as i progress.  and sometime when i get brave, i'll even post photos.  the surgery is laparoscopic so the recoup time is quick(er) and i'm hoping i'll even be able to take advantage of the beach my hotel is on.   my bases are covered, you guys, i've done all the research, asked all the right questions, and yes this is the right thing for me.  i'm very excited to embark upon a new part of my life and glad to have all y'all along for the ride!

yesterday i got pesos and travelers cheques; saturday i get the pre-travel pedicure; sunday i'm meeting my housesitter; monday is my extra-special 3rd birthday dinner with enzo (his b-day is actually wednesday but i'll be in surgery so....) and tuesday i leave!! 

well there's my bombshell!  what's up with you guys?