May 3rd, 2009

labyrinth ring

teeny teevee roundup (see the little lasso?)

southland.  if you are not watching this show, you're wasting your life!  i am serious.  this is fabulous work.  i'll just keep saying it until you all get over here with  me. 

the big bang theory
is a big bang of fabulosity.  every single time.   i'm kind of waiting for sheldon and penny to make out (never gonna happen).

supernatural just gets better and better--they've taken a page or two from buffy about story arcs and character development and this year is awesome.

bones is just delightful.  it makes me happy. 

ooh dollhouse.  man, i hope they don't yank it because it also just keeps getting better and better.  

i just discovered in treatment with gabriel byrne and it's hitting on the brilliant side of things.  it's like watching a small play every ep. 

still making my way through svu which has completely broken my heart at this point.   and i can't stop watching it.   someone shoot me now and send elliot stabler over to take care of me, please.

and that's it for me and my weekend (and i even made it out of the house to be all social 'n shit).  how bout you guys?