May 19th, 2009

labyrinth ring

i wasn't sure if you took your pasta blended too

"no, pasta i blend in my mouth!!!!"

gym teacher!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you, nickolodeon, for recognizing the comic genius of meloni and making an ENTIRE FULL LENGTH MOVIE of silliness and love.

the wheaties box, the shorts, the hair piece, the shorts, the knee socks, the legs, the thighs, the shorts, the little dance (oh the little dance--i need a gif of that for sure!), the sheer meloniness of it all, and did i mention the shorts?

yes i am watching it!!!!!!! yes i am!!!! my adoration knows no bounds apparently. and i am a total dork.

tell me you don't love it too. come on, you can't! the power of meloni compels you........