June 5th, 2009

labyrinth ring

i need a lot of foreplay

and then there's the cuddling afterwards.......OMG you guys.  HOUSE.   like i needed another terse, taciturn, emotionally stunted, and deeply damaged guy to love.  come on.  but i have tumbled down yet another rabbit hole.  and landed in princeton plainsboro hospital.  and apparently what i have is fatal, terminal, and altogether painful.  also there is no cure.  someone get me greg house STAT!!!!!


oh well.  between meloni and laurie, i have blue eyes for days and plenty o' angst to feed the pain.  life is so good.

oh and ps: where's the good fic?  yes.  it's that time again.  

also pps: i watched zebras tonight.  what a way to end........
birthday surprise

omg wouldya look at that?

tomorrow is  fromiftowhen 's* birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

how sweet is that?

pumpkin!!!!!!!!  i'm wishing you a fabulous, wonderful day and an even more fabulous and wonderful year.   i hope you get everything you're wishing for and then some.  you are deserving of all good things, sweetie pie. 

lots and lots of love,

*gah!  why don't they make the user name as big as the rest of the text???  in fact, it should be bigger bigger bigger than the rest of the text because it's your birthday and you should be written in letters bigger than the sky.  grrrrr.