June 21st, 2009

labyrinth ring


had to post with my new kickass (yup) house icon made by creamuts just because i LOVE IT SO!  also it sort of bookends my regular default la_tante  icon of the fabulous shoe from charles david a pair of which currently resides in my closet and which i only put on every once in a while to wander around my apartment wondering if i'll ever have a chance to actually wear them!  /run on

um, daily status update?  why thanks for asking....currently ensconced in bed sipping a very delicious but seedy smoothie (mixed berries from trader joe's have too many raspberries thus too many seeds).  i was up very early this morning to meet tattooed_lydia for breakfast at the tin shed.  and after a very nephew intense day yesterday, am feeling the need to do nothing much further for the day.  so i'm sort of watching fortysomething (which is sort of terrible but fuck it, it's hugh) and reading fanfic and flitting about all the house hugh comms and ljs all over the web.  if i've done a drive-by on your journal in the last few days, i hope i was coherent and haven't scared you away.  i've been in a fog.........and if you've come by to see who the hell was babbling in your journal, then hello!  i'm actually pretty harmless and welcome friends of all shapes and sizes and fandoms.

we've just had a torrential downpour in the last few minutes and i have to end by saying there is very little sweeter in the world than being cozied up in bed with the kitty curled up next me while rain lashes at the window and hugh laurie makes googly eyes at me.  

happy sunday my dear flist!