June 22nd, 2009

hugh aviator

what kind of tragic pervert needs to buy a book like this?

all right. i admit to being charmed by fortysomething. the first episode was rather dull and i nearly gave the second a pass, but i'd have missed out on all kinds of fun including nekkid!hugh in the street and a leery bedroom scene (the premise being that he can't remember the last time he had sex). then, as i was in the shower and wondering about various things as is my wont, i though to myself, self, i thought, i'd never turn hugh laurie, paul slippery (the name!) out of bed for eating crackers. that's right! i'm taking a stand. no tossing hugh out of bed. that's my story and i'm sticking to it.

also i am being charmed by a bit of fry and laurie. it reminds me of being 10 and sneaking to stay up late to watch monty python. i am not so sure, however, about black adder. mostly because i've always been left completely cold by rowan atkinson. but i may slog through or just skip to the series with hugh. but i am thrilled to watch jeeves and wooster (well i will be once i download the series--oh bless, you internet, bless you!) because i think my mother was a big fan and i'm very curious to see it.

and one further note:

labyrinth ring

house in da house!!!!

my dvds arrived!!!! my dvds arrived!! so excited am i that i've already put season one disc one in and here are my observations thus far: rsl looks super skinny and young (omg young!) in the pilot. i want to know how long the ducklings have been with with house when we're brought into the scene. the light in house's office is crazy--everything is essentially black and white with only their faces lit up all golden and they're doing the ddx in house's space not the main room. also there's a horses v zebras reference by foreman which post-svu finale is oddly sweet.

speaking of which, my svu peeps: check out this kind of amazing portrait of meloni!  google alerts are good for something, right? 

and now off to bed....just trying to get back into some sort of day is day; night is night schedule while on vacation.