July 9th, 2009

labyrinth ring

i'm not dead! (but i have a one track mind)

i know you were wondering......

i've just been in serious summer vacation mode, hanging out with family (enzo gave me his first compliment the other day: 'i like your shirt.  it's pretty'  and luca is nearly walking!) and friends (4th of july bbq was awesome and i stayed til 1 am), watching house on dvd (joy! rapture!) and enjoying the not having to have an actual schedule ergo i can stay up til 3 in the morning (reading fanfic) and sleep late and take naps so i can stay up again til 3 in the morning (more fanfic!).  then i've been going on walks and to bbqs and movies (ice age dawn of the dinosaurs was funnish--nothing awesome but it made me refall in love with john leguiziamo).  i joined a gym!  yes that's right.  i'm aiming to pump myself up a bit and hasten the weight loss (65 pounds as of yesterday, folks!).   i finally allowed myself to buy a few new clothes (old navy, baby, it's where it's at).  i mean i couldn't very well go to france with my old clothes hanging off me, could i?  summer vacation, man.  you see how it goes.  
Collapse )anyway, it's 3:40 now.  and i have a very early dentist appointment in the morning so i may try to sleep a bit before then.  of course then i'll have to come home and nap......and the cycle repeats itself!  

hey!!!  how are you guys?
i miss you!

labyrinth ring

i may have learned something new this morning

 this is another test post to see if i did.  

i just uploaded my brand spanking new mood theme thanks to worried_bubble  over at red_blotch .  she is made of serious supreme awesome!  i mean just look at the freakingly gorgeous animated mood theme i have now!!!  look, just look!!!  and then i learned about how to do the tech-y part via euterpeslullaby  at crackified .  man, the internets have not failed me today!  

and now i have more fun things to play with.  what was funny was that as i was intently studying the tutorial and trying this all out just now, i realized that it felt like i was doing something, really accomplishing something, and yet i was not.  ah, the irony is ironic, n'est-ce pas?