October 5th, 2009

labyrinth ring

fannish update

so aside from courtney cox being really beautiful and not looking forty and so having a slightly hard time buying her "i'm so old" bit, cougar town is funny, witty, cute, silly, has a great cast, and i laughed out loud several times.  colored me surprised!   

house is seems to be backing off from the huddy stuff which i know makes some despondent and some ecstatic....oh fandom, how you split!  but i still love me some hugh and his eyes make me go "guh!" so i'm just happy to see him regularly again.

i'm intrigued by fast forward though i have to say that having brits play american is getting wearisome.  don't we have a few actors who could pull off an fbi agent or a doctor?  or better yet, couldn't the brits just play brit?  i find myself distracted by listening to the accents, trying to catch the wrong "a" instead of just watching the shows.....

i haven't caught up on big bang theory or himym but they're waiting for me on my hard drive where all good things live.   also someone in england decided it was time to make another version of emma with romola garai and who am i not to watch anything related to jane austen?  so i've got that.  

plus there's dexter to watch and the new, although i guess, much maligned stargate: universe as well as catching up on dollhouse and bones and holy crap there are not enough hours in the day!  good thing i called in sick today!   i can definitely put my sniffly nose to good work lying here and watching tv, right? 

also have any of you discovered manna bread?  it's yeast-free and made from sprouted wheat and fruit so it's really high in fiber and protein and tastes like cake!   it's my current morning delight.  that and a cup of coffee with silk creamer and i'm in heaven. 

oh and super happy birthday wishes to a2zmom !  i hope you have a wonderful birthday!  oh and i missed skywardprodigal 's as well as a bunch of others (corellianjedi anr ixchup  your names come to mind) so consider yourself duly belatedly wished very happy!  

have a great day y'all!