October 6th, 2009

labyrinth ring

defying gravity etc

oh wow you guys!  this show is pretty awesome!  ron livingston is fun to watch. he gets that balance between angstyness, hotness, and wry comedian that i adore, and the overall look of the show is fantastic.  plus it's totally intriguing and has vague moments of creepiness that i like but it's not scary.  at least not yet....this is so much more interesting to me than flash forward.  of course, they are substantially different from each other but i'm already more invested in the characters and the story.   ooh new show!!!  so exciting!

um also i watched stargate universe last night and well i thought it was pretty good not great but i liked the production values a lot.  and i'm curious to see where it all goes.  i know the fandom was underwhelmed but i'm feeling pretty good about it. 

yes playing hooky is damned good for catching up on tv, doncha know!

also i need some new icons.  i'm bored with my current list.....