January 15th, 2010

labyrinth ring

omg it's been forever, again!

here it is january 15 and i haven't posted since before my winter break mostly because real life has been very eventful and i've barely been online at all lately. i've nearly stopped watching television because my glamorous life wound up snagging me a kind of boyfriend who's completely subsumed my normal life. and it's awesome!  who knew? i've also been a very regular visitor to my gym and have muscles i've never owned before. totally awesome! i hit the 100 pound off mark a couple of weeks ago and have really never felt better in my life! another awesome! i am made of awesome lately! my band has been going great gang-busters--our shows have been well-attended and well-played. plus i started my accomplishment coaching course on the path to becoming a life coach and began work with my first pro-bono client this morning. so in all that awesomeness, i've been a lame lj'er and haven't been around at all. although i did have fun beta reading for annerbhp before the winter break.  she wrote some really cool yuletide stuff that was super-fun to get a heads up on....oh yes, that's right the writing teacher and beta-reader just ended a sentence with a preposition!  go team me!

and so that's me in a nutshell (which every time i say or use that expression makes me channel austin powers: how did i get in that nutshell?  family lexicon).  i'm dragging myself through this day at middle school which just gets in the way of the rest of my life!  in a few minutes (finally, seriously i have never experienced the radical slowing of time more severely than i have here in this damn middle school) i will be out of here for 3 days during which time i hope to spend more time than actually exists with philip (yep that's his name), maybe get to see avatar, eat well, get some sleep (please!), see my performance coach, and do some work towards my coaching practice.  

so here's my plug: i am thrilled to announce that i am available for life coaching.  life coaching is completely different from therapy (which is such a valuable tool in life) in that we approach you from a whole/holistic perspective.  you are not broken and don't need to be fixed but there are obstacles in your life that keep you from reaching particular goals.  coaches can help you navigate around or even through those obstacles to create the life you really want to have.  i am so excited to be creating my own practice, and if you're someone who's considered coaching as an avenue to creating change in your life, let me know!  i offer a first session for free and we can talk about financial issues then too.  i'd love to work with you, if you want to take it on!  /plug!

well, all you darling peeps, what's happening in your worlds?  i do think of you and miss all of your delightful shenanigans.  oh and super wonderful happy new year to everyone!!!!!