March 17th, 2010

labyrinth ring

oh hi!

 it's my once every 3 months yes i'm not dead and i miss you guys surfacing post!

i've missed all these birthdays and feel awful about it:  trinityofone , somehedgehog , irishmizzy , annerbhp , femmenerd , surreallis , annakovsky , damelola , bonorattle , trillingstar , jennyo , roguemarch , 65pigeons , oxoniensis , hollywood_song , apineappleheart , and imsanehonest .  you all got a year older and even more awesome without my saying how glad i am to know you and to have you even peripherally in my life.   and for those of you who've been way less than peripheral, i owe you apologies for my distance and distraction.  life has been way huger than it ought to be and it's taken all my attention to just surf the waves so to speak.  

things with philip ended as they do and i'm struggling with maintaining a friendship with him mostly so i can continue to have his musical presence in my life, but it's hard.  

my practice as a life coach is deepening and enriching my life, but it's also part of why i'm so crazily busy.   who knew launching a new business, training for that business, working full time, having a band, a family, friends, and a cat could take up so much time?  not to mention trying to get to the gym and do things that nourish me as well as my body.  man.  so you'll have to forgive my prolonged absences from the world of lj.   

my band continues to be a source of great joy and pleasure in my life and the exciting thing at the moment is our new presence on youtube which i'd like to share with you.  check us out at our new friend, richard's, youtube channel.  it's cool for us to finally be nearing/entering the 21st century by having some footage online.  aren't my boys cute?  

anyway, gotta run.  the worst period of the day has just walked in and i have to go pretend to be a teacher.  

have a fantastic next three months!  i'll try to be around again before then but......

much love to you all!

birthday surprise

and the birthdays keep coming!

 i just had to sneak back by to throw birthday wishes at a few more lovelies!   abyssinia4077 , bangendedscoot chinesebakery , and wovenindelibly you're all in my thoughts as you celebrate another year on this nutty planet!  i wish you all days full of ice cream and cake (well, for chinesebakery, la glace et les gâteaux!) and sparkly, happy, shiny times and bright, sunny skies.  lots of love!