May 7th, 2010

labyrinth ring

bored now and trapped (what a winning combination!)

i can't tell you how deathly boring teaching persuasive writing is.  oh, i suppose at this point i could persuade you that it is, after teaching the same lesson 5 times to 5 groups of thoroughly unimpressed 8th graders but why do you need to be persuaded?  you can just take it from me.  yet another reason to hate my job.  stultifying.  that's where i'm at!  yeah, i just ended a sentence with a preposition, what? 

and to add insult to injury this year i was summonsed to the big boss's office last week to discuss my absences.  apparently i'm actually supposed to be here to teach and not use my sick leave on a regular basis.  so there's that.  i've been in my boss's office 4 times this year: once to discuss my tardiness (i was late to a couple of staff meetings by a couple of minutes), once to discuss how we are not supposed to show feature films in class, once to be told i was giving too many F's, and now once to discuss my absenteeism.  clearly a super-supportive boss who has nothing but my best interests at heart!   this place is like death to me.  and just as i'm starting to feel like i have my feet under me, i get a letter from my colleague in which he lets me know he has "concerns about my performance" and i'm threatening the "integrity of his profession" by my late of commitment and passion this year.  fuck him. 


other that those things, everything's super-peachy!  i've got a couple of pro bono clients happening though i'm wanting to shift them to payments since i need to make money at this too.  my band and i are going into the studio on june 12 to record as many tunes as we can before we run out of money and time.  i've been dating like a crazy least one new guy a week which makes everything just a little more fun!  and i am counting down the days to summer vacation!  this year i'll be road-tripping a lot: vancouver, orcas, southern california (disneyland!!!) and connecting with friends and family along the way.  i just have to make it through the next few weeks and i'll be golden.  

i hope you all are doing well as the spring progresses....
big love to you,