January 5th, 2011

labyrinth ring


and i really don't care who knows it!!!!!!  if there were a pacey/peter/duncan all the time channel i would be watching it and never changing the dial (see how that dates me? there are no dials anymore!)!!!!   i want him to be a humongous star so i can have more movies with him in them...that's the killer.  i love this guy's work and there's not enough of it to watch!  i want to see him try period costume drama (perukes and waistcoats galore!)! i want to see him in the future fighting aliens (guh sweaty in a ripped dirty t-shirt....!)! i want to see him in any capacity possible.  there's not nearly enough naked!joshua either.  perhaps someone could fix that for me as well?  but clothed or naked the man just does it for me.  sigh.

and so i leave you with a not-new piece but one that is too sweet to let go: