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iconography kudos and a survey rant

i have become an icon troller.  the same as i do for fic now i do for icons.  i think i amused dear lordshiva this afternoon as we were taking tea (a marvelous time, btw, and as always too short!) by showing her the huge number of files i've created in which i'm keeping all these marvy bits of art.  so you'll notice, or maybe not, that i have a new default icon thanks to masquerade_arts.  but i really do love looking around and collecting these.  i've joined a couple of icon communities to peruse but most noteworthy is iconomicon which is the art of jackshoegazer, not that his stuff needs any pimping, but it's such a great community, and i really love his stuff.   wow.  a near run on. 

also while on the subject of almost nothing, there's this fanfic survey going around that a grad student is using for her thesis.  i'm not linking to it because i find it a ridiculous survey for several reasons.  one:  i'm actually in a grad course right now in which we're learning to create instruments (surveys etc) for collecting data for exactly this sort of thing.   two: it is a terribly poorly designed instrument that requires you to research your answers before you can finish the survey.  i was going to take it because i'm a huge supporter of fanfic being taking seriously and any good scholarly research can help do that.  and three,  the questions about romance novel reading were leading--you could construe that reading romance novels and reading fanfic must be connected in some way.  and, four, the requirement of listing your favorite stories was nuts.  i have been reading fic for nearly a decade and though i know there are lots of folks who keep track of their favorite stories in their current and past fandoms, i am not one of those people.  i rarely re-read fic and since i occupy such a tiny corner of fandom, i don't have people reading me expecting to have rec's available so i don't add them to memories or make word docs or however you might save them.  so i wasn't able to complete her survey and she lost out on the opportunity to have feedback from an avid fanfic reader.  ah well.  i remember years ago there was another such survey floating around but it was incredibly comprehensive and didn't ask you to list anything.  it was well designed and elicited great thinking from the survey respondants.  oh the good old days!
Tags: fandom, fanfic, icons

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