la_tante (la_tante) wrote,

chuck is made of win!

omg!!! why didn't anyone tell me?  i just finished the first ep and holy wow!  i'm in love.  he's lloyd dobbler for the naughties.  i'm so thrilled to find something new, and pretty wonderful to boot, to watch.  and now i wish i had the energy to watch another ep but i must go to sleep.

oh and my enzo?  fantastic.  we had dinner together just the two of us and he kept leaning into my side and wrapping his little arms around my arm and snuggling in.  he fed me my caesar salad with his spoon!  oh he makes me melt.  he says "ock" for olive which are his most favorite food next to nuts, pickles, pita chips, bananas (he's already losing his word: m'nah) and waffles.  he's kind of a salt fanatic.  don't know where ock came from but that's his word.  "more ock?" he says with this little smile.  how can i resist when the child wants ock?
Tags: chuck, enzo

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