la_tante (la_tante) wrote,

i'm so f*cked and not in a good way

at our school we have a federal grant to implement service learning.  this is great--it is sound pedagogical philosophy and i fully support it. 

last year, i created a class in which students would learn to operate video cameras and film interviews with student and staff in order to create a video about our school for use with prospective students, community partners and families and that could be linked to our website.  we planned for nearly a quarter and then we worked on filming for another quarter; the whole process was so learning intensive that we just barely finished the filming by the end of the year and never got to the editing portion. i thought since i was starting a new program for the school the following school year and didn't have any students yet enrolled, i would have time to work with a couple of students to finish the project.  this did not happen.  my program took off and almost immediately i was very busy with new students.  

flash forward to now. 

the film which had been all downloaded onto our server was *gasp* cleared out and reimaged over the summer.  so when another teacher came to me recently saying she had a student who was intereseted in making a video for the school and i went looking for the footage, it was gone.  so that's bad.  all the work the kids had done, just disappeared into cybernothing. 

to compound that loss, my boss, while i was sick, sent me an email which i did not read because i was sick and missed when i was trying to catch up with everything, saying she wanted to meet with me last friday and did not confirm with me that i had even received the email or could make the meeting, so that when friday rolled around, and i didn't show up at the meeting, she called me saying "are you coming to the meeting?" a meeting i was not even aware i had!  all right, if you send an email requesting a meeting time and you don't hear back from the recipient, do you assume the meeting is a go?  i don't.  so i was fucked there and clearly in the wrong according to her though she would never say so.  so we re-scheduled the meeting i had fucked up and it was for today.  today i had the lovely oppportunity of saying the footage the kids had shot, that we had really slaved over was gone.  and no retrieving it.   and both she and angela who runs our service learning looked at each other and said well we can't really have a meeting if there's nothing to finish.  and i was summarily dismissed.  they didn't even look at me as i got up from the table and left.

so i went to rusty who is one of my sole saving graces at school and also our IT guy and told him i was completely fucked and he said he'd do what he could to find the footage but i told him i had no hope and he thought that was the right stance to take.

and so i'm sitting here feeling complete shit and my boss calls and wants the name of the kids in the class because she and angela are going to look through their server folders to see if the footage is hidden in any of them.  it's not.  we very carefully last year made a separate file for the kids to dump into and it's gone.  and i can't believe this is happening. 
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