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killing time or is it killing me?

i've been super busy and drifting from my treasured lj-time--not even a real read of the flist!  the last couple of weeks at school were insane.  i had to drop 4 students last week which is not fun and one more will happen when i return.  and scramble to do report cards and get everything done so i could go away and not think about that damned place for 3 weeks (which i'm clearly not doing)!   sidebar to earlier post about work, i checked in with my boss to make sure all was ok about the botched service learning project and she assured me it was.  and then told me i would have to figure out how to do a service learning project with each of my students.  fucking ridiculous.  so a good friend told me to list all the reasons why i'm not sure how to do that and then go back to her and ask for her help.  that way she can be the one who can't figure it out.....christ.  reason number 70809823 why i should be ruling the world.  no stupid tasks  to passively punish those "beneath" me.  blech.  done and done.

ok so spring break is here.  today i cleaned up my little garden space and made the patio all pretty.  the clematis is going bonkers--i'm just waiting for flowers...they're supposed to be pinkish and whitish.  i can't wait to see them.  i'm particularly fond of the vine growing up the right side of the trellis because it was a throwaway plant the nursery woman gave me just because and it wasn't supposed to grow.  it is gorgeous and i talk to it all the time.  i think that's why it's growing so well.   my japanese maple has buds on it as does the minature larch i have.  the nadina is looking really lovely with new growth inside near the main stem.   some lavendar died but that's ok--there are other things turning green.  the wind chimes are chiming and the sun is shining so all is well. 

last night i had a marvelous time with my very distant cousin elisa albert who was in town at powell's on her first book tour.  very exciting.  her novel the book of dahlia is a wry, well-written tale of a 29 year old diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor.  not the easiest subject matter but she does it very well.  it's not sappy or sentimental and i liked it a lot.  she gave a good reading and then we went to the farm, a vegetarian restaurant, and had a really good though completely overpriced meal.  seriously.  $20 for a plate of gnocchi is ridiculous. even if it is really good.   we'd met when we were seated together at our cousin's bat mitzvah about 5 years ago and i think recognized kindred spirits even then--so it was great to sit and talk and get to know each other.  i hope we manage to stay in touch with each other.  at any rate, i have a place to stay if i ever make it to new york again.

tonight one of my oldest friends, derek brown is coming over for a visit.  i haven't seen him since the fall when he came up to play a show with his laurelthirst crowd.  he's largely recovered from his motorcycle accident (broken leg and dislocated ankle--not the best for a drummer) and playing with a band called everest. who are signed to neil young's label and there's buzz!  buzz is always good.   he so totally deserves to be a huge rock n roll star.  of all the people i know who've been involved with music (including myself) he's never given up on his dream, not once, so it's clear it's his turn.   i'm totally psyched to see him and have a marathon talk session.  plus he'll finally see my new place.  which is looking pretty all right if i do say so myself.  even though....

i've been in a holding pattern around some redecorating because part of it hinges on the purchase of a new couch and the removal of the old and the people who are supposed to help me with all of it are being challenging for me to deal with.  whew.  i'm buying a leather couch and new coffee table at ikea and can't do that until the living room is empty.  when you have only 520 sq. ft.  you can't really bring in the new before the old is gone. but it will all happen.  i was just kinda hoping it would be done before derek comes to visit.  but in the scheme of things, not a big deal. 

not as big as the fact that the woman who was going to buy my brother's house just backed out on them after 3 weeks causing them to lose the house they had put a bid on  and sending them into a complete spiral of agony and depression.  they have had the house on the market nearly a year and finally thought they were getting out, but this deeply passive creep of a woman has screwed the pooch for them.  so they're in a terrible state and there's nothing i can do to help.  that's the worst part for me.  i can't make it better for my brother and i wish i could. 

so i think i've played catch up pretty nicely here.  i'm going to shower and maybe head over to ikea to buy the stuff i can before the couch comes in.....maybe.  or i might just watch the big lebowski (i'm totally in love with jeff bridges--he is my perfect man) and call it good.
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