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spring break always flies by.  i've been busy with friends and family, eating out way too much and watching lots of fun tv.  so in accordance with my policy of full disclosure, i can report a serious daliance with bones.  i love it!  sometimes great writing,  totally gross, and occasionally makes me laugh out loud plus it's really such a joy to see david boreanaz again.  double plus i love all the fun sexual tension...let's see how far he can lean in over the table now without grabbing her.  giggle. 

and speaking of boreanaz, i'm thrilled to say i just received my angel box set in the mail.  can i get some woo and some hoo?!  i've been waiting for, well, years, really to buy this and finally it's here.  i knew if i was patient they'd finally release a stateside version and oh they did.  such a lovely package--it matches so perfectly with my buffy.  and a real sweet note from joss to all us fans.  i'm looking forward to delving in and hoping for some decent extras.  i haven't ever seen it on dvd so any commentaries will be nice and new to me. 

i've also been watching ashes to ashes which while it will never ever grab me in nearly the awesome way that life on mars did, is getting pretty fun.  i'd missed a bunch of eps and it was not as bad as i'd painted it in my mind. also catching up on lost which is totally awesome this year.  good on them for finally pulling the story lines together and getting me all excited about where it's going again.  

i've been catching up my classic films too with the bridge on the river kwai and from here to eternity both really amazingly good and tragic and dated and intense.  and in another realm of intense, born into brothels.  holy moly.  as a teacher working with kids who live in poverty who have these very sad feelings of entitlement even if they can't name them but which totally direct their behavior, i wish i could just show them this film and say "hey you know life? she ain't so bad"....but i guess misery is misery, no matter how big your flat screen is.

i've also been in the midst of a remodeling of my new condo--not that it's actually begun, but the planning is on, baby!  yesterday, i had a retractable screen door installed which is so thrilling to me--fresh, circulating air this summer man!  and then i met with this awesome contractor today for 3 hours and we talked and talked about all the things i want to do here.  primarily, he's going to replace my countertops (trading horrible formica for concrete) and paint in the kitchen.  then if i can afford it, he'll replace all the interior doors--bedroom, bath, and hall closets.  my place is so small but it's incredible how expensive everything is. so of course i'm going to do what i can and not bemoan what i can't.  it's all really exciting no matter what happens just to think about it.

also and so importantly, enzo turned two last week--i kept meaning to post about it because now the gleam of memory is a little duller.  we had a party for him the saturday before his birthday which was lovely and he did so well.  he had cake for the first time which was exciting.  jenn baked him a train-shaped cake and made homemade icing--yummy and so cute.  he got tons of presents many of which came from his nuttily doting aunt.  he's a most marvelous human being and i count him as the greatest blessing in my life.  monday, we went to the zoo together and he amazed me with his chattering nonsensically about everything.  his babble is so beautiful to me because i know it's just moments away from turning into real recognizable language and he'll be able to share his world with me so much better.  he has tons of words (monkey, juice, cracker, nut, cheese, pasta, hot dog (!)).  it's funny how many of them are food words but of course that makes sense.  but he has a rich sign vocabulary still and uses sounds to represent words.  he still says  "whassat?"  all the time especially when he hears an airplane he points up to the sky and says "whassat?" with real urgency.  and he says "whoosh" for slide at the park and "woo woo" for any vehicle with a light on top.  since his daycare is bilingual he says "mas" and "luz" too.  it's cute because he'll say "more more?" and then switch to spanish if he doesn't get his needs met right away.  a determined child he is!   i will post some more about his current major accomplishments soon but for now i must sleep.  i have a lunch date tomorrow or rather today at 12--oh the life i lead.....
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