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angel links for doc_3

i think these links will point you in a much more directed way down the angel path.   part of the challenge is that lots of links are dead as i discovered looking through my old stuff, and then, of course, there are sites devoted to angel the series and complete different ones devoted to buffy and angel stories.  and there's really not that much crossover.  as oz would say, it's interesting.  angel is paired more slashily in his own series--though there was no shortage of xander/angel or spike/angel or even giles/angel in the buffyverse, but once he moved to his own show, people seemed to re-focus their pairings which makes sense.  so you'll find angel/cordelia and still some angel/buffy but the slashing of angel/wesley was just huge.  so if slash isn't your thing, as it isn't mine, it's more of a challenge to find the good stuff.  this is an enormous archive that's really user friendly and one i used to browse a lot  also a great archive devoted to angel/angelus stories  this is less angel focused but still an interesting collection of fic from the buffyverse.  she links to some of the huge bnf's from that time: annie sewell-jennings, kita, yahtzee....  one of my favorites just because it's so gorgeously designed  and yahtzee is a great writer in general so her entire loop is worth checking out

if i come up with anything else i'll be sure to let you know!  and maybe some of my friends will add stuff to this never know!
happy reading (and writing!)
Tags: angel, fic recs

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