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shave and a haircut 2 bits!

my darling most beautiful boy lost his cherubic, angelic (can you be both?), botticelli curls this weekend.  my heart is broken because he's not a baby anymore but has become a little boy.  it's bizarre, amazing, and a little bit shocking how much cutting his hair changed his entire face and body.  he looks taller!  i didn't know jenn had done it though i knew it was under discussion, and, in fact, on friday we'd tried to get his hair cut in a salon but we weren't able to find one with a free time.  turns out she cut it herself over the weekend.  so when i went to pick him up at daycare today, i was scanning the room for my boy and all of sudden i see this grin i recognize.  and it's him.  but not.  but it is and i know i'll get used to it.  but it's a little more painful than i thought it would be.  and kooky as it may seem, i wanted to save a lock of hair and i'm sure it's all gone.   oh it's hard when the babies grow up. 

on the sweet plus side though, he's begun imaginative play which is so fun!  he wraps his monkey up in his blankie and says "mon-kay nap."  and then shakes it out and starts over.  he can do this for ages.  also he has some wooden food which he cuts up and then puts "bubby" (both butter and peanut butter to the confusion and chagrin of my brother who sometimes gets it wrong on real food) on it and pretends to eat it.  and he takes measuring cups and has imaginary tea and nuts and juice which he delights in sharing with us. 

today he and i built towers out of these cool crayons i got him for his birthday which are shaped like ice cream cones and are hollow so little hands can easily hold them and apparently also stack them.  we must have stacked 10 towers which wobbled and weebled and then fell down to our great delight.  gales, i tell you, gales of laughter.  that kid is better than sliced bread, sweeter than sugar, and i think, given time, he'll be able to leap tall buildings at a single bound.  no shit.

well, not really a fade, but it'd be sort of horrifically funny if he nice jewish italian boys get fades?
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