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la la land for me!

this alone makes me wish i lived in los angeles:  the paley center!  an entire organization devoted to the promotion of intelligent media.  it's like my dream home.  panels of the casts and creative folks behind our favorite shows get to sit and wax eloquent about the work they've done.  the tickets to see the programs are surprisingly cheap and the programs are amazing. 

just last night on dvd, i watched the feature on the 3rd season of the wire in which the creative crew (david simon, ed burns, and george pelecanos) and some of the cast were interviewed by ken "i am not a public speaker" tucker and it was fascinating!  so it was oddly serendipitous that this morning i'd find a post from 206_bones about the bones cast's panel.  though the clip doesn't seem available yet, it will be, and you can bet i'll be watching that! 

and you can see bunches of cool clips on the website from those various panels.  i just sat here with tears in my eyes watching my darling buffy (sometimes i'm sort of overcome by how much i loved that show and how much i miss it and how much joy it still brings me)--almost the entire cast (!)  and joss talk about the show (now that would have been an extra worth having on the dvds).  but the clip was way too short.  i hope one day they'll make the panels' videos streamable--i'd pay a membership fee to be able to watch the content online since my travels to new york and la have slacked off since i've been responsible for paying for my own plane tickets ie forever! 
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