la_tante (la_tante) wrote,

what is my problem?

i am so bored.  sheesh.  it's been a perfectly nice weekend and today's been just fine, but here it is 5 on sunday and i'm at a loose end.  i've had breakfast with friends, talked on the phone, tried to sell my tv, grocery shopped, done laundry, read some fanfic, watched doctor who and battlestar galactica.  all today so it seems like i should be all tuckered out and ready to sleep or something.  but instead i'm restless and bored.

i guess i'm just waiting with bated breath for bones tomorrow night.  after all the paley center squee, i can't imagine it living up to anything i've got in my head but i can't wait anyway.  i guess i'll watch some angel to get my boreanaz fix.  *sigh* 

oh and by the way, the wire is beyond awesome.  i'm deep in season 4 and dreading the end of it all. without being hyperbolic, i can say that everything about it is perfect.  thank you, david simon and ed burns. 
Tags: angel, bones, boredom, david boreanaz, the wire
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