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the wire

i need to post deep love and respect for this show.  i think it's one of the very best pieces of television work i've ever seen and, without hyperbole, perhaps one of the most important shows ever produced.  it is sharp, insightful, funny, heart-breaking, sophisticated, intelligent, compelling, and rich.  the storytelling is intricate and complex; it never moves too fast or leaves a moment hanging.  things never feel unfinished--tragic and wrenching maybe but never unfinished. they do not hesitate or blanche in the face of difficult subjects or ideas.  life on the wire is not romantic; it is flawed and painful.  and it is amazing and even hopeful.  i love the cast.  the actors who populate this show are amazing.  they invest themselves in their characters, making them breathe with real life.  bunk, mcnulty, bubbles, kima, carver, daniels, oh my god lester, avon, stringer, oh bodie and d'angelo, duquan and michael and randy and (omar comin') omar.  their journeys, their hearts.  i am killed dead by them all.  

for me, as a teacher, the 4th season is really beyond anything ever put on the screen.  i mean, you understand by then the level of corruption that is indemic throughout the political structures in baltimore (and everywhere else), but once the kids become the focus and we're taken into the hellish depths of the damage that no child left behind has done in an inner city school, well.  my rage just bubbles and boils.  all those children left behind as george bush sits and gloats and gets thinner and richer as he grins his evil grin and wages his evil war. 

i'm reminded of the chinese curse my grandma evelyn told me when i was young: may you live in interesting times.  we do, my friends, we do.

hug your babies if you've got 'em.  and love your neighbor.  it's a hard world and we only have each other.
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