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can't get over it.  don't want to.  want awesome barney.  now.  monday is too far away.  baaaarrrnnney!!!!!!! 

oh my god i'm in love with doogie howser.

eta: that my heart is broken because i missed nph on adam carolla this morning.  and i  actually listen to adam carolla in the mornings.  diz-am!



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Apr. 24th, 2008 11:10 pm (UTC)
I adore NPH. I really should watch more of his new show.

(I still remember babysitting for this one family on a weekly basis, and after the kids were put to bed, I'd do my homework at their kitchen table and watch Doogie Howser, M.D. Ah, fond memories!)

Apr. 25th, 2008 02:21 am (UTC)
you know i completely missed doogie howser when it was on tv...1989 was my junior year abroad in paris so no tv for that whole year. and then i think i was put off by what i thought was a too childish vibe. but. big but. i recently (and i owe it all to himym) began to watch doogie on hulu.com and got hooked. i think i spent all of last sunday knitting in front of the computer watching the first season. he was so little!! and young! and with such a high voice. totally sounded like a girl! but he was totally believable and the show is good. pretty sophisticated when it could have been teenyboopery. thank you, steven bochco. although the costumes are beyond awful. i think it's really where the 80s went to die.

as for nph. words cannot express my adoration of the man he now is. sooo talented (find him on youtube performing the role of the mc in cabaret!). sooo gorgeous. you must absolutely must check out himym. it's brilliant. the whole cast is great and the stories are so funny and sharp. great writing!

btw, hello and welcome to my little corner of lj!! i'm thrilled you came by.
Apr. 30th, 2008 02:36 am (UTC)
I was still in high school in 1989, and he and I are close in age (if not the same age), so I think it was the first time I actually had a crush on an actor who was my own age. You know how most guys on TV were in their twenties already (or older), when I was a teenager, so to have crushes on them was still fun, but they were way out of my age bracket, LOL. I thought it was a good show, well acted by everyone on it, I loved Neil, and I liked the balance of the parents' roles -- they didn't make the parents clueless idiots who were uninvolved with their kid's life, you know? They were decent parent characters, much more realistic than most shows. Sure, occasionally, it got a bit 'lesson of the week,' but overall it was such a good, fun show. I especially loved when he and Vinnie would make movies for fun or for school -- those were very entertaining episodes.

Thanks for mentioning Neil on youtube. I'd forgotten he'd stepped outside the box and played the Cabaret role. That is awesome. So unexpected. I really respect him for all the roles he's tackled -- he doesn't just stick to one genre or type of character. He's taken some chances, and he has a sense of humor about the whole acting thing. I really like him. :)

Thanks also for the welcome. It's always good to branch out and visit different corners of the LJ world. *GRIN*

Have a great week.
~ Sherry
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