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just call me blah!

i am in the throes.  deep.  i have watched the last few minutes of sandcastles in the sand at least a dozen times and i'm having to stop myself from watching it more.  i have other shows to watch (lost, bsg, doctor who, the tudors), but i'm just counting down the minutes til my season 1 and season 2 boxsets arrive (sidebar: just today at school, the very afternoon after i'd ordered those 2 boxsets, my colleagues and i had a conversation over lunch about how none of them can watch anything more than once.  'why would anyone buy dvds?' exclaimed britton, 'i don't get it.'  i just looked down, deeply down, into my soup and thought 'because it's awesome.') so my tv can be all himym, all the time.  what up?  the last time i was this obsessive about a pairing was when buffy and spike finally did it and broke a house.   (i've watched that scene a million times as well.  oh that and the end of intervention oh i loved me some spuffy!)    but i mean how can i not have deep love for a pairing that is brotp?  come on! was made for shipping.

seriously, monday cannot come soon enough.  thank god for fic.

and also i'm going out to dinner tonight at a nice restaurant with my friend john (who is great but is coming straight from work at his screenprinting job), also it is not a date so consequently i have no idea what to wear.  sigh.  if i were lily or robin and lived in new york, i'd be set.  however, i'm julia in portland so the deal is iffier.
Tags: brotp, himym, obsessing
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