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in which there is squee

dinner was great and then in the middle we were talking about the new indiana jones movie which omg, you guys.  you guys.  harrison ford.  he was my first true love when i was 13.  i fell in love watching him swashbuckle his way across the globe and have pretty much tended a small flame for him ever since (which almost excuses some of the horrid movies he's made).  so midway through dinner i got so excited to see the new movie that i said we have to rent raiders tonight!!!  so we did and it was awesome.  awesome.  awesome.  and now i'm totally pumped up to see the kingdom of the crystal skull. 

also i'm happy to say that i've dipped my toe in the beta reader pool again.  i loved beta reading back in the buffy days.  i'm not a fic writer but i'm a damn good editor and i love helping people make their already good work even better.  love it!  so i found chinesebakery in the himym_fic world (she wrote this kickass brotp called some serious comforting) and la la la i'm beta reading for an fnl fic she's been working on called transitory.  and it's great!  if you're a reader in the fandom, do go check it out.  bonus to all this is a nearly finished fic!!  the final chapter should be posted in a day or so, i'd imagine.  it's just been super fun working with her.  she's absolutely lovely and a terrific writer. 

yay for the intarwebz!

*can you believe it?  i made a post that had almost no references to himym.  almost.


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Apr. 27th, 2008 02:13 am (UTC)
Hats off to you for being willing to take on the important role of beta. I've done a little beta-ing myself, but since I also write, it feels like I should be putting what seems to be (lately) my very small supply of writing energy into actually finishing my WIPs. Anyway, it is awesome that people like you who don't write are willing to beta!
Apr. 27th, 2008 02:17 am (UTC)
why thank you for those kind words. i discovered a long time ago that being part of someone's process is almost as good as and sometimes even better than working through my own thing. wow. i think i just discovered why i want to switch careers from teaching to therapy. wow. if i had a lightbulb icon that'd be me at this very moment. man. thank you! i have a lot to chew on all of a sudden.
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