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came home to several good things.

sunshine!!!  always a welcome sight here in the pnw where it seems to have been raining for the last 40 years.  yeah worse that the flood.  just gets so damn depressing. 

stella. oh the purring and the chirping and the pushing the head into my hand.  she is a most good cat.

stargate sg1 season 9 discs 1-4.  thank you, netflix.  you are a media whore's best friend.   and i am dying to watch the ark of truth which i dl'ed days ago but can't until i finish/watch the last two seasons.  oh, rda, why'd you have to go and leave me, huh?  why?  hmmm i could sing this to the tune of rubber ducky.  oh rda you're the one...you made stargate so much fun...rda you'll always be jack to me...dum dum dee dee....i know i know don't quit yer day job.

sarah connor chronicles ep 1 and 2 for downloading.  (i might be pushing the "s" factor with this one,)

solitude.  so i can watch my damn stories!! 

today <s>was</s> is a good day. 

i also have some fun stuff i will share with the corner of the web that seems to be mine (the cheese stands alone!)

this marvelous man jackshoegazer builds icons that are to die for.  no really.  i spent far too long last night (when i should have been composing myself to sleep) perusing his most amazing community iconomicon.  the gorgeosity of them is stunning--some are super funny, beautiful, sly, cynical, sexy and they are all up for grabs.  i took so many i lost count and will cycle them in and out since i'm apparently too cheap to pay for the upgrade that will allow me more than 15 stored icons.  that's really ok because he will keep making more and i will keep taking more and it will be this beautiful synergy. 

stuff that's not as fun:

two dreams i have had lately: 1) in london, trying to get to the airport but cannot find my luggage.  2) yelling at jen, telling her she should have stopped me from infringing on her husband. 

i will be glad when this cold is over and done with.


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