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omg is it monday yet? or i can haz fic recs?

so last night in the battle between sleep and shows (himym and bones), the shows totally won, so i took a sick day after staying up all night watching tv and reading the massive episode discussion threads.  and then today, chinesebakery and i spent what was for me a lovely afternoon and for her the middle of the night talking himym and fic (her own especially), and it was fun and fun and fun, but now i cannot wait until monday!!! 

plus of course post-the goat there is a ton of great fic floating around.  so i am going to rec a couple of them although most of them are posted at barneyrobin or himym_fic.  all of them will be spoilery through the goat, so if this is important to you (as it is to me) no clicky until you're caught up!
dollsome has written something so great it crosses fandoms.  i promise.  feet touch the ground.  this one by fromiftowhen is just so nicely done wow x sixteen.  great barney voice: “You’re speechless. Wow. WHAT UP.”  c'est si bon.  and speaking of french, chinesebakery has just posted a delightful one of two parter which, although i beta'ed, i can honestly rec as a terrific au to post-goat himymthe jiggy fallout   it has euphemisms and iphones.  you can't ask for more. 

oh i love the fic!  and the stuff happening in the himym fandom is really sublime.  these people know their show.  and they can't write fast enough for me.  this is a love post to all of you!  thank you for sharing your brilliance with us.
Tags: fandom, fic recs, himym, nph
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