la_tante (la_tante) wrote,

i've lost it. literally.

here's how insane i am:
finally got season 2 in the mail yesterday and then spent nearly 2 hours in full himym squee mode with fromiftowhen chatting. i had sandcastles up on my itunes and wait for it on my tv, my chat window was open, and i had my two latest favorite fics up buffyx's  this could get messy (but you don't seem to mind) and irishmizzy's like the border between greece and albania.  and all i could do was wish it was monday. 

my brain is full of nph and barney and robin and all these little plot bunnies who keep bouncing around in my head.  they multiply like, well, bunnies!  i'm sure those of you who actually write are familiar with the problem but, as someone who doesn't write fic, it's a little disconcerting.  so i guess i'll just pet them and hope that someone will decide to bounce down the same bunny trail as my brain.....
Tags: awesome, fanatic, fic recs, himym, squee
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