la_tante (la_tante) wrote,

mad men

fabulous scene i just had to post about: two women, sitting, drinking coffee in the kitchen, smoking cigarettes.  one says: "it's too quiet in there"  referring to children playing off camera.   she stands, revealing a very pregnant belly, smoke curling up from her cigarette.  the children run in saying "we're playing spacemen."  the girl has a dry cleaning bag over her head which plasters itself to her mouth as she breathes; her mother calls her over and says: "if the clothing from that cry cleaning bag is lying in a heap, you'll be in big trouble."   i just love how everything in the scene is now dangerous but was perfectly acceptable then. 

also my nephews are the most beautiful boys in the world.  true story.    in keeping with the 3 names that enzo has (enzo zev michelangelo) luca has his full name now: luca matteo flynn.  i'm a very happy and tired auntie.
Tags: mad men, nephews
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