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stargate continuum

first it's yay MY TEAM!  and look there's walter talking about his parking space and vala and a really big gun and everybody's happy and talking about extractions and terrific ass shots in sand camouflage as they're all walking through and then JACK and cake!!!  and then it gets all awful and bad and there's death big death horrible very bad death and disappearing and omg i'm not sure i can watch it!  and we're time traveling which would i guess be the "continuum" of the title and cameron's grandpa who's a ship's captain and omg this is only the first 15 minutes!!!!!!!!  dammit where's jack bauer when you need him?  sam's so sad and they're all confused and lost.  omg.  i'm watching this with one hand over my mouth and the other over my heart.   oh sam.  oh daniel. oh shit.  fabulous cameron sam chat crossing the ice.  of course sam can fix it.  she can fix anything.  and of course it gets better it has to.  thank god for time traveling paradoxes, i always say.  and if jack bauer's not around then jack o'neill will do admirably!   oh and the swearing!!  it's fabulous...the team has foul mouths!  and the most amazing eyes!!!  wait til you see 'em in the hanger. every single one of them has these eyes that just pop with color.  gorgeous.  and now it's sad again.  oh damn  you wrong timeline!  and damn you hank landry from the wrong timeline!  daniel tying to prop up his other timeline self.......oh sigh.  earth attack!!  and the top of apophis' head off yipes!!! and gross!!  "there is a god standing here with wet hands."  love ba'al.  and william devane--he should always be president.  now if only jack bauer would show up...but wait.  maybe they don't have 24 in this timeline.....and don davis.  oh don.  so sweet to see your face and so sad.   and now death and slavery and more death.  i love sam in civvies.  she has great pants in this one.  sg-1 to the rescue!  and it's so cool to see all the old baddies.  yu and cronus and the super cute one who looks like a gladiator camulus.  you know after a year or two or whatever it was of those damn priors it's great to have the goauld back.  who would have thought i'd miss those overdressed baddies but apparently i did.  oh this is way way better than that ark of truth crapola they thrust on us.  so far so great with this one for sure. and i'm so feeling the love at an hour plus in.  so qetesh rocks as per usual and daniel's all snarky and bitter.  i suppose not being listened to and losing your leg in a different time line might do that to you....hmmm i may have to think about that some more.  ok heading to antarctica....oh isn't that a weepies song?  on their new album?  think so.  HOLY SHIT she just cut him in half!!!!!!!!!!!!!  now that's a sight to see qetesh in a jessica mcclintock prom dress with a super sharp stuff!  and then they are bombing the shit out of everything!  and you know teal'c is somehow going to rescue everyone even though he's super bad first prime wrong time line guy.  and what an awesome night sky fight scene.  special effects are sweet in this one too!  i love when you can see the hugeness of the ships and one landing on your big ole bunker's roof gives you the sense of scope.  and they're getting the band back together!!!!  and now omg the pain and sadness and oh the angst and they lulled me into thinking it was all going to work out and now look what they've done.  and of course the resolution is timey wimey and i don't really get how it all worked out but that was a great ride.

whew.  that was intense and sorry about the no paragraphs but i couldn't take a break to hit enter!  oh is this really the last one?  i hope not because it was really good and reminded me of all the reasons why i fell in love with the show.  well done!

eta: synecdochicwrote a far more comprehensive and coherent response to the movie plus she spells qetesh correctly unlike me although that's fixed and then she gives us wonderful, excellent fic so i'd recommend heading her way and enjoying the marvelousness.
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