la_tante (la_tante) wrote,

what did i miss?

i have been deep in skins land and hoooo boy is that a grabber.  i think i watched all of series 2 today.  and now i'm wondering what i've forgotten to download this week.  does anyone remember what i watch normally?  

i'm happy to report the presence of 3 netflix discs though!  they finally got their snafu unsnafued i guess.  and i've had an email saying they'll credit me 15% on my next bill.  but this seems like new math to me since it was out for an entire week.  and it's billed on a monthly basis.  by my way of thinking, 1 week out of a month = 25%.  am i wrong?  well, i suppose 15% is a decent enough gesture.  but i'm just happy i have my newsgroup otherwise i think there'd be hell to pay.

so tonight, hustle series 2 second disc!  yippee!! 

also it is freaking hot here!  someone should turn down the sun tomorrow or change the angle of the earth....or give me free air conditioning. 

and finally my nephews are gorgeous and wonderful and a delight.  luca falls asleep to me singing she and him songs and enzo says things like: "i want to draw" enunciating every single word.  but he still says airflane and fleece officer and flease.  he is such a marvel.
Tags: the randomness of life
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