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i'd turn 40 every day if i could eat like this

dinner at lincoln was incredible.  the place is really beautiful; jenn worked with a couple of terrific designers and the space is just really hip and comfy and elegant all at the same time.   just really nice ambiance.  and the food!   we started with a little amuse-bouche from the kitchen which was goat cheese on sourdough wheat bread with braised raddichio (since i don't eat cheese per se that wasn't for me) then we had 2 starters: a baked quail egg with cream and olives dish (delicious!) and a fried mozzarella that was so unlike the cheese sticks you get anyway it needs a new name.  this was breaded and fried then skewered with fried croutons on each end of the skewer and set in a lemon butter cream sauce.  it was beyond the pale.  

our server, who is also the culinary artitstry catering manager and with whom i've been working with getting tomorrow's dinner party together, was so awesome and took such good care of us. when the baked eggs were gone, enzo was so sad.  more eggs? he cried. more eggs?  so she brought him a lovely poached egg from the kitchen!  and his bowl of pasta with butter and cheese came out really quickly so he was happy and munching on his dinner while we ate our starters and salads.  we each got a salad: i had arugula with pecorino cheese and a teeny bit of fennel and almonds with a wonderful vinaigrette; josh had a greens and beet salad; and jenn had one with peaches!  everything was so good and fresh and organic and local--jenn louis really prides herself on using local products.  then came the main course--i had my favorite thing pretty much in the universe to eat: duck confit.  that is like eating heaven.  perfectly crispy brown skin, juicy tender meat it was served on a bed of teeny lentils and was out of this world.  josh had a pork chop with a chutney and jenn's lamb was some of the best i've ever tasted.  then of course we had some dessert.  a hot fudge sundae and lovely peach bread pudding--with a candle for me! 

the boys were perfect--i know both josh and jenn were stressed about taking them out to a nice place for dinner, but she nursed luca when we sat down, and he slept through the entire meal even dessert!  and enzo was a jewel.  pleasant, well-behaved, sweet he tried eating everything we gave him including the duck and the lamb.  he loved the olives that came with my dish so much that i gave him all of them (still calls them ock).  i was so impressed with him and i think josh and jenn were super-relieved that every thing went so well.  my family is awesome!

finally i have to tell you my brother and sister-in-law are pretty extraordinary gifters.  last year, i received a dean purse  (if you click on handbags and then the teardrop one--that's the bag though not in those colors) which i thought was a pretty amazing gift, but this year........a "coupon" for a domestic airline ticket anyway, anytime.  i was speechless!  so i'm thinking of visiting my dearest friend from college who lives in baltimore where i've never been and perhaps going with her to manhattan next spring.  josh also gave me a "coupon" for 4 one hour sessions with a performance coach.  incredible. 

anyway i'm feeling well-loved and appreciated and happy!  and tonight should be fun too--i'm excited to wear my new silk shirt and be sassy!  more news from the birthday girl soon.......
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